Passport Stamps of the World Unite!

This holidays, travellers will be visiting exotic lands, indulging in fanciful food and taking in the aura that is of a different taste. While we embrace the cultures and breathtaking landscapes that only a new environment can offer, sometimes the littlest things can pass us by.

These days, with the technology being a forefront of many industries, there is less interface with the immigration officer and more with the display screens which brings us to the topic that is the slow death of the passport stamps. Looking into passports from before, you probably see something like this –

stamps galore
Stamps Galore!

Nowadays if you do that, it may take you awhile before you see your passport pages fill up. While we have travelled to many a destination, we have seen many stamps that are unique in their own right. Here’s what you might have missed – Prettiest Stamps 

On the topic of technology meets stamps, wouldn’t it be interesting to have a digital wallet of stamps where one can collect passport stamps around the world to share with his and hers. Who knows where they will be in 10 years time when digital takes over and your mobile replaces the passport and Apple Passport is your one-key to the cities and apps become your VISA passes. One can dream, eh?

And if you ever thought of being in the shoes of an immigration officer, we suggest playing the award winning game Papers, Please. It’s a wonderful Mac/PC/iPad game with retro 8-bit graphics and well-thought out gameplay.

So take your passport and check out the stamps and see what you favourite is. That might be a place you want to visit again. And while you are there, don’t forget to fulfil a request from someone using the Tompang mobile app.

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