Picking the right luggage for your next trip

Depending on whether you are going for a short stay (2-3 days) or a longer vacation (>5 days), choosing the right luggage is essential for least amount of hassle when you return. If you are one for the sightseeing, then a compact bag will suffice but if you are going to burn a nice big ol’ hole in your wallet, then the bigger the luggage the better.

So what kind of luggage bags can one check out? There are a few which we found to be an all-purpose like

  • Large Travel Suitcases (Pro: Can pack everything inc. the kitchen sink; Cons: Have to check in and heavy to lug around)
  • Back or Day packs (Pros: You can throw stuff in easily and its light to carry onto the plane; Cons: Can’t pack much)
  • Duffel bags (Pros: Stuff is easily accessible and you can carry onto the plane; Con: If too heavy, can be straining on shoulder)
  • Lightweight Carry-Ons (Pros: Commonly-used, can fit quite a bit of stuff for short & longer getaways; Con: Little Compartments)

When we compared prices across the globe for a popular Samsonite model, we found some interesting numbers that we just had to share it.

price comparison

So the next time you are in Paris, do remember to pick up a Samsonite bag and claim your tax refund of 12% and you will be looking at a final price of just under S$300. That’s S$130 of savings!

Remember choosing a luggage is a long-term investment. A good one can last you for at least 5 years and it’s better to spend more so that its longer lasting. After all, why risk your precious belongings over a few bucks when it could cost you more if something unfortunate was to happen.

Tompang Tip: Always have some extra luggage space just in case you see something you fancy or if you are bringing something back for a requestor on Tompang the World 🙂

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