Why pay extra baggage when you save by paying in advance

Picture this scenario –

You just had a blast of a holiday; ate yummy food, took gazillion selfies, partied like crazy, shopped till you dropped and guess what, you have only a few dollars to your name at the departure airport. And hey, that’s enough for you if you aren’t bringing anything back to your home country. But what happens when you have stuff that you can’t wait to bring back to Singapore and they just don’t fit into your carry-on baggage. The situation starts to become tricky.

If you have bought the extra 15-20kg in advance, then no sweat on your end as you are covered. So how about if you didn’t buy in advance? You place the baggage onto the scales and let the numbers go higher and higher until it stops. Then it hits you. BANG! 20.1KG. The counter staff turns to you and smiles and out of her mouth, she utters menacingly, “you owe us…” Now that has to put a dent into your trip, for sure.

Before we get more melodramatic, let’s take a look at how much you stand to lose from preparing in advance vs paying at the airport for a simple trip from Singapore > Bangkok by using Jetstar’s website as a reference point. After the flight cost, we come to the baggage cost. Starting at 15KG, the cost is S$20, 20KG is $21 and so on. Now, when we don’t buy in advance, it starts off at $60 for up to 15KG and $20 for 1KG extra.

Screen Shot 2015-01-02 at 11.42.39 am

That means at 20KG of baggage, it’s $21 vs $160. That’s a whopping $139 more. Now add that to your trip and you wish you took an international carrier rather than a budget one.

You heard it here, folks. Buy in advance. It will save you the hassle of finding room in the above baggage compartment, free your hands when roaming around the airport. Sure the con is that you to wait at the conveyor belt for the baggage but hey, you are home. You can wait for a few extra minutes, can’t you?

One way to offset your baggage costs is to buy things for people when you are overseas. You will earn money which you can use to cover the costs.

Side Note: While Google’ing Jetstar’s website for research, we came across this website for people to post their grievances on travelling with Jetstar – http://www.dontflyjetstar.com/ It got us thinking on are there more sites like these.


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