Choice Between All-Inclusive Budget Airline and Singapore Airlines

We have always been posed this question – How much does one actually rack up by travelling on a budget carrier if one were to get all the add-ons vs. travelling on an international carrier?

So we did our research and these are our findings from SG > BKK, a popular local getaway

Using Singapore Airlines as our benchmark for our international carrier, the cost was simple – It was S$511 for the cheapest ticket that included a snack and 30KG of weight.

And our comparative airline was Jetstar and here’s a breakdown –

S$142: Airline ticket (inc. all surcharges)
S$90: Baggage Allowance of 30KG
S$60: Extra Legroom
S$30: Snacks
S$322: Total Price 

That’s more than 35% of savings but of course, the price can vary on different low-high peak seasons and special prices on tickets. As always, one way to combat this is to book early.

Alternatively, you can lessen the costs by bringing something back from someone and earning dough in the process, i.e. Tompang 🙂


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