Airline Surcharges, Aviation Levy & More – What Are You Paying For?

Ever wondered, in some cases, how come the extra costs are more expensive than the actual price of a flight ticket? The next time you book a flight online, check out the breakdown of taxes, fees and charges and you will be in for a nice treat.And by that, we actually mean, a nasty surprise.


We are used to paying taxes on any products that we pay for. Whether its Goods & Services Tax on products or Service Tax when we are at restaurant that it has become second nature to us so it should be no surprise when we are made to pay for the taxes in the image above.


Another common charge that airlines like to impose on us is fuel surcharge. After all, if you don’t pay, how else are they going to fly the plane without the fuel, no? 🙂 To understand better on how the different airlines charge us for fuel surcharges, a good read is here.


On a 90 minutes flight from Amsterdam to Milan, it gets a little interesting. On top of the usual charges, you get some extra bits like noise isolation charge, security service charge, security bag charge and council city tax. Altogether, they add up to almost US$30 of inappropriate fees, in our view. But the creme de la creme has to go to the next destination which is from Paris to New York as show below.


So this one is a hoot, in our opinion. The list gets longer as we had to scroll down to see all the fees in its full glory. Check out the image and you will see what we mean. Fees that go to the Department of Agriculture, Immigration Fees, Compulsory Donations that go to UnitAid, and an excuse to charge a security fee otherwise you will be considered insensitive if you raise an issue with it. ( Don’t get us started on the International Arrival Tax! Disappointed that there is no Departure Tax though or is that coming soon?

Best of all, these airline surcharges, taxes, fees, levies, service charges are all legal by the respective governments and organisations so go figure! But don’t let it be a deterrent to your travels; just be aware! 🙂


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