Ways to Make That Long Flight Shorter, More Comfortable and Easy (Part 2)

Continuing the trend on how to make our life on the plane an easier ride, we look into more ways.

Option 5 : Getting a good seat on the plane 

When choosing a seat on the plane, there are three common ways seats get allocated.

  1. Plane is full; counter staff just gives you a seat willy nilly.
  2. You like an aisle seat – because you need to use the restroom a lot. But you need to get up quite a bit as the other two passengers want to use the restroom as well.
  3. You become the window master – because you want your privacy and you like checking out the outside from the window.

Here’s a good visual on the best and worst seats of a certain plane. Of course, it differs from plane to plane.

Option 6 : Bring Your Own Food 

Not many people are fans of airplane food. We know we aren’t. Sure, we paid for the food but its just bland. Pure blandness. We usually end up eating bread and butter. So what do we do instead. Starve? Surely not. Bringing our own food into the airplane usually helps. Here are 5 top snacks we like to bring onto the plane.

  1. Chewable snacks are usually a good bet to get those gums moving. Gummy bears are a plus in our minds.
  2. Granola bars are healthy and can keep you filled for a while before you get hungry again. Bring a variety of flavours.
  3. Beef Jerky is low in fat, yummy and easy to pack in travel bags yet they do emit a smell.
  4. Crackers and cheese might be a little hoity toity for some, but there is nothing that beats the crunchy taste of a cracker coupled with good old cheese.
  5. Trail Mix is and will always be a good companion to travellers as they provide great sustenance on long and short trips.
plane snack
Snakes Snacks on the Plane.

Option 7 : Comfortable Wearable Accessories 

No, we are talking about smart watches or activity trackers here. We are looking at –

  1. Travel Pillows – Easy to lug around and they provide ample neck support when resting.
  2. Compression Socks – Best to wear to keep those feet warm and body temperature down
  3. Sleeping Masks – Nothing worse than having your mate next to you switch on the reading light.

Recommended Products :

Muji Microbead Neck Cushion

OSIM uSnooz Pillow

Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 4.18.09 pm

Option 8 : Must Have Essentials

It’s always a good idea to carry a small toiletries bag with the essentials in it. The below short list can help you get it going for the future trips you embark on.

  1. Energising Facial Spritz – Revive your skin with this facial spray that is sure to energise you on the go.
  2. Lubricant Eye Drops – Relieve irritation on your dry eyes by moistening the eye with these drops.
  3. Moisturising Lip Balm – Keeps moisture in and protects lips from drying.
  4. Face Cleansing Towelettes – Like baby wipes, they help to refresh and rejuvenate one’s skin.

And that wraps it up on ways to make that long haul a little bit easier on the body and the mind.


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