Power of The Review in the Travel World

We know that when it comes to reviews of food, gadgets and etc., they play an important part in influencing one in their purchasing or choosing decisions. Likewise, for travel, when choosing a hotel, we tend to go to the booking websites and trip portals to check out the reviews. In the past, price paid a part, these days location, condition, service, tips and tricks and more are translated to words where everyday, a new update is on the hotel website where one can find the latest information.

After we have booked our flight, the next evolutionary step is to check out the hotel booking sites and portals. The Top 3 that come to mind every time are –

  1. TripAdvisor 
  2. Booking.com
  3. Agoda.com
  4. AirBnb

When it comes to the top 3 sites, customers get to review the place positively or negatively. And all the hotels or management can do is to respond to the experience and its usually a standard, automated reply such as this –


My only comment to that is “impressing me” won’t be good enough. We are just going to try another hotel because that one bad experience has scarred us forever. When it comes to reviews, depending on how you take it, can be an interesting experience for some such as this – Link

One line that made us squirm in the article above was ““I’m not saying you should get away with bad service, but if you’ve paid £36 it’s not going to be the Ritz..” And we don’t buy that, not one bit. Whether you are paying $10 or $1000 a night, you expect notable good service. You are after all representing your brand, your hotel and most importantly, your city.

Here’s a funny clip that always makes us smile and reminds us that the customer is ultimately, the boss.


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