MUST Essentials to bring Overseas/Travelling Abroad

Whether we travel to a cold continent or a hot and warm place, the essentials never differ when packing your bag. Whether you are a backpacker, a seasoned traveller, there are things you can’t just leave behind… that is. Nowadays, there are checklists where you can use/download to make sure you don’t forget anything. If anything, there are two things you can’t leave home without –

  1. A Valid Passport – That’s right. Make sure it’s valid. We always have this problem where we take it for granted that the passport lasts for a long time and depending on country to country, that may be true but it’s always good to check as you may travel for a few days to a few months and a 6-months minimum validity on it. True Story – We were at the immigration check point only to get turned away because one of us has his passport expired. Imagine the agony that we had to go through because of this. All the hope, the money spent and the happiness gone because of one minor yet major detail.
  2. A Debit/Credit Card – Bringing stacks of cash is never a good idea. Not because you are open to a clean robbery but more for the fact that it’s hard to keep track of how much cash one has at the end of the day unless you are prepared to have a ledger. And it’s a pain taking out the dosh and counting it one by one. Reminder – You are not a pimp. The best part of carrying around a debit/credit card is that you can see what you have spent and where you have spent it through online means. Meaning you can keep track of your spending at all times. Furthermore, if you need more, simply transfer the desired amount into it for further usage. The downside is always that the exchange rate will always be less than the money changers in the streets. But what you don’t spend, you save by not changing back so you still win in the end!

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