Global Nomads – The New Age Traveller

Whilst many people travel for fun or work, there are a select group of folks who “wander” the world just because they can. They are not rich by any means but they get by. They do not stick to one location as they prefer to see the world in its entirety. And they travel in the singular. They are the Global Nomads. (Not homeless travellers)

To become a Global Nomad, you will need to remove or overcome your inhibitions. By being a global nomad, you will be fast forwarded into knowing thy self. You have to be prepared to shred your life and not have attachment as you will be travelling for a long period of time and the last thing you want is missing your pet and going back home and thus missing out on the journey of life.

So with limited funds, you can only rely on two things – brain and brawn. If you have neither, you are out of luck. Try begging. But if you have just one of them, then good for you! Usual jobs like IT, teaching, handicraft and writing would normally apply to a typical global nomad as most of these jobs require less scrutiny when applying for a license to work in said country.

Another good-to-have part of the global nomad parcel is to have a passport that is going to give you less trouble or pay more for VISAs and such. Being a citizen of Sweden, UK and Denmark is good whereas being a citizen of Iraq, Pakistan and Lebanon is not so good.

The lifestyle of a global nomad can only be characterised that he or she is adaptable and mobile to climate changes, language understanding and an awareness to navigate oneself through the ways of the world.

Applications to become a recognised Global Nomad are open.


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