Picking The Best Universal Travel Charger

What makes a good travel charger besides the obvious fact its lightweight use, its purpose to handle multiple devices at once and the fact that it can work anywhere in the world. These days, travel chargers can support USB devices so you can charge both your iPhone and iPad with just the sync cables directly. This solves the pain in the ass moment when you have to bring extra wall chargers.

Now when you are searching high and low for the perfect travel charger, keep in mind that the cheapest is not always the direction you should be looking at. Instead, check out the output voltage. The higher the voltage means the faster your devices will charge. Our recommendation is to get one at 2.4 amp output as you can get maximum charge from the USB port.

Suggested Product –


The FosPower Universal Travel Charger works anywhere and has a dual USB slot at 3.1A which will charge your digital devices without fuss.


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