Alternatives to Jenny Cookies


Jenny Cookies is all the rage. And rage is what people are feeling ever since its opening in Singapore at Ang Mo Kio on Oct 23, 2015.

One angry Jenny Cookies lover Irene Wong spoke out on their Facebook page:

“ridiculous price . based on a $45/tin , u are simply making a 48% profit margin . . you claimed that price is not the major concern . then why are u setting such a high price ? and i think Kjedsens butter cookies are so much better than yours . please, if you really have the heart to let singaporeans enjoy , please adjust your pricing.”

Cookies that were sold for ~$23SGD in Hong Kong are now being sold at Ang Mo Kio at $45SGD. In light of this new price point, we have curated a list of similarly delicious cookies, for those not looking to break their budget.



One review on TripAdvisor considers Cookies Quartet underrated, and even better than others, commenting

“I think this cookies’ store is rather underrated. I find the quality of the cookies better than the ones at Jenny’s Bakery. Plus points are they offer other pastries and nice palmier, and they have about 5 branches and almost no queue!!! They also provide samples for some of their cookies / pastries.”

Free samples?! No lines?! You’ll definitely find me there munching away if I’m ever in Hong Kong.  Even though some other reviews deem it “drier” – with a free buffet sample, I would be sure to check it out.


Screen Shot 2015-10-23 at 5.39.42 PM

May’s Cookies is another Hong Kong favorite. The assorted cookies pictured above contain their 6 most popular flavors. This includes butter, chocolate chip, double chocolate, lemon, almond, and cranberry cookies.  Their Palmiers Box Set tends to be on the lighter side– which means you will be able to wolf more down 😉

Their popular buttery squares will delightfully crumble in your mouth as soon as it touches your lips. The almond bites in particular are my personal favorite, with a sharp and clear nutty flavor. You should not miss out on these either.



As Irene Wong mentioned above, Kjeldsens has long been an established player in the realm of butter cookies. There are reasons why your grandmother has a bunch of these tin Kjeldsens cans! Other than to keep all her strings and needles, they are the classic go-to cookies for all your buttery cravings.

If you want to find out more about Danish Butter Cookies, typically known as Klassiske Vaniljekranse, checkout this blog as well as the video below:

How to bake the danish cookie “Vaniljekransen”



Going off of that blog, lets not forget the option of baking your own cookies! There are a ton of butter cookie recipes to try out, I’ve listed a few below. These might take as long as queueing for the cookies, but at least they will be at a fraction of the cost.

Check out Joyce’s copycat recipe. It looks pretty darn delicious.  Let us know how it tastes 😀

There are also other butter cookie recipes to try out, like this one by P4.

People are raving,

“very nice, crispy, buttery cookies. love the texture and the sweetness is just right.”

“I loved the flaky texture and the buttery flavor. I still have some in the freezer and plan to dip in chocolate or ice the tops when I bake them. Can’t wait to try them in the cookie press also. Excellent recipe!!”

Anyone dare take a shot at “Joyce’s” Cookies? 😉



If these options still don’t satisfy your craving, why not Tompang the World and get it at a lower price? People are already requesting for the cookies here. To find out how to piggyback on to the Tompang mules —  Check out for the full demo.



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