In Time for Wine Wednesdays

After last weekend’s Wine Fiesta I thought it would be appropriate to cover the possibilities in Tompang-ing the World of Winery. While wines locally range from about $30SGD to $100+SGD, those aboard typically hover around $12 per bottle on average.

But let us give you the low-down – there are even better deals out there.



The cheapest wine world wide is the renowned Two Buck Chuck, selling over 800 million bottles since its debut in 2002 at $1.99USD or $2.77SGD each. Although the price has risen to ~$3USD or $4.18SGD, it is still much more affordable than the prices here in Singapore.

Don’t be scared off by the low price- It doesn’t necessarily mean low quality. In fact, the Charles Shaw 2005 Chardonnay was voted the best tasting California Chardonnay at the California State Fair Commercial Wine Competition in a blind taste test.

“The characteristics that we look for in our gold medal winner … a nice creamy butter, fruity … it was a delight to taste,”

said 2007 California State Fair Commercial Wine Competition judge Michael Williams.

64 judges awarded the  “Two Buck Chuck”  the prestigious Double Gold award, placing it first over 350 other Chardonnays, and in the top of the whole list of 3,029 wines.  This left many wine snobs fuming, but it goes to show how malleable the human mind is, and how little we might know about wine.



Oftentimes you hear Australia’s wine being cheaper than a bottle of water. According to BBC News:

Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 7.48.01 PM“Prices across the board have been affected by several interconnected factors, including recent foreign exchange rates, falling international demand, and a glut of product in the domestic market.”

SGD- AUS rates are more or less back to 2008 rates as shown in the image below.

Sounds like a good time to go shopping in Australia!



At £3.59, or $7.66 SGD the 2011 Toro Loco Tempranillo was awarded a silver medal by judges at the International Wine and Spirit Competition, describing it as,

“‘fruity, rounded and appealing’ with hints of ‘nice bright cherry”.

Check out their other reviews. This Valencian wine won against a 2005 bottle of red Costa di Bussia Riserva DOCG, which is priced at £31 or $66.23SGD and the esteemed Stag’s Leap Wine Cellars Artemis Cabernet Sauvignon 2009, which has a £30 or $64.08SGD price tag.

According to the DailyMail,

“There are two rigorous stages of judging – a professional blind tasting followed by a detailed chemical and microbiological analysis.”


Luckily for those of us who can’t afford the hefty price tag, affordable quality wine still exists.


With our free app-  Tompang the World, it now does.


We take specific requests for items, and connect your request with mules coming from that region. At a negotiable markup, they will bring your item for you. The only thing you have to put down is a deposit (refundable if your item is not fulfilled), and you’ll be good to go!

The deposit is so out mules know that you are serious about the request ;).

Find out more on how you can get these wines on

*Items do not only apply to wine.

Happy Wine Wednesdays!


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