Cost Conscious Mamas, Take Note

How can I, as a mama, save money on products for my baby?

Let’s compare the exorbitant prices of diapers selling in Singapore to those selling in Malaysia.


From the images above, you can see that Singapore sells the “Huggies Total Protection – XL(11 – 16KG) 50S” for S$17.90, and with currency conversion, Malaysia sells it for S$12.10. That’s savings of more than $5. This means that buying two units in Singapore can almost buy you three in Malaysia.

Now your question is how to capitalize on this and get this deal as often as possible?

With Tompang the World, we allow our mules coming in from Malaysia to bring it in for you, at a small fee. To get a better deal, as the mules will probably want to make a small profit, we recommend buying in bulk 😉

There’s also huge potential to make these purchases reoccurring on a monthly basis. Download the app from and start saving.


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