Our 7 Design Improvements to Make Your Life Easier


Your favorite Tompang the Word app has recently gone through a makeover and revamped it’s user interface. Check out the details below on what exactly we changed, and how it will benefit you!


  1. A new “Request” button

1 copy.png

Moving the Request button to below the banner frees up more real estate so that you can better browse the newest items posted onto the app. It also allows for other buttons to be featured on the homepage, and makes it easier for you to navigate the rest of the application. If you want to request for something, click on this button.

2. A “Deposit” button


Previously, you would have had to exit the application and gone to the PeerMoolah website in order to add funds to your PeerMoolah wallet. Now, with this new button, the top-up can be done right in the application.

3. A “Trip” button


This particular button is for our mules. We listened to your feedback on how difficult you found it to look for products to buy from where you are to deliver to where you will be going.  The initial design required you to go in and click each item individually, opening the details of each, to see where the requesters are currently residing. We noted that it took a tedious amount of time to scroll through and open up each separate product in hopes that you will find a match. Now, it is possible to filter the items you have the option of getting with this new feature.  This is called the “Trip” feature.

4. Created an “Explore” button


Click on the “Explore” button and you will see that you will be able to search by category, as well as by country. Currently in Italy and thinking about helping someone get that handbag they’ve been wanting? Click on “Women’s Fashion” under Category, and “Italy” under Buy From and you’ll find a list of items requested for purchase.

5. A”Favorite” Feature


Saw an item that peaked your interest, but not enough to put down a deposit? Now you have the option of “Favorite”-ing it, which will allow you to come back to it later!  Save it now, and get it in the future. Or un-“Favorite” it if you decide you don’t want it anymore later.

6.  An Overarching Banner

Just a few fun facts and interesting articles, as well as recommendations will be posted on to this banner. Click on the banner to find out what is being featured that week! You will also have a chance to request for products featured directly on the banner when you click on it. Feel free to check in and read our blogs if you feel out of date, or even write one yourself!

7. The Activity Center


This feature keeps you posted on any new activity you have in the app. Whether it is someone who has just accepted your offer, some one who has messaged you, or if you’ve received a new follower- this facebook-esque newsfeed will keep you updated on all your TPTW happenings in one section.


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