11 Beauty Products Featured on Viva Woman

Viva Woman is known for her extensive blog on skin care, hair care, clean beauty, beauty food, as well as spas.  Many of you may have heard of her, and for those who haven’t, she’s in the Top 5 for Beauty Blogs according to Blog Rank. She’s also listed in Avinology’s Top Bloggers and Blog Sites in Singapore 2015. I could go on and list the rest of her credentials, but I’ll leave a link here to her About page instead.

Here are 11 products that she’s tested on her site- I thought it might be useful for her fans know that they can make their request on our app if they wish. Many of her products are international, and it might be inconvenient for each reader to go out and pay shipping fees for such a small item. With Tompang the World, hitch a ride with our mules to get the product to you! Let’s trust in the power of crowdshipping, and in the increasingly sharing economy.

Argo Naturals Pure Thanaka Powder


Interestingly enough, the company Argo is in Switzerland. However, the Thanaka Powder itself has been used in Myanmar for over 2000 years. Check out Viva Woman’s blog for more info on the history of the powder. It’s good for sun protection, minimizing pores, moisturizing, oil control, and acne. According to Viva Woman, “The Argo Naturals Pure Thanaka Powder is very fine and has a slightly gritty texture when applied to the skin. It makes a good exfoliant and so you can choose to use this as a face mask cum exfoliant.”  If you have a need for anything in this department, let us know! 🙂

Antioxidant Booster

Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 10.21.20 PM.png

Skin Actives Scientific is located in Gilbert, Arizona. They are a brand that tries to keep products as affordable as they can, and claim that “you don’t overpay to cover a bloated marketing budget, you pay less for superior product quality.” Viva Woman herself vouches for this product, saying she likes them “very much”.  Because it contains Astaxanthin, an effective skin whitening product that also protects your skin from sunlight, wrinkles, and provides collagen. Read Viva Woman’s blog post.

Leonor Greyl Bain TS Shampoo


Leonor Greyl is a Parisian brand established in 1968 by both Leonor and her husband Jean-Marie Greyl. They are self reported to be the first to have incorporated vitamins into their shampoos, which are proclaimed to be environmentally safe.  Though created for oily hair, this shampoo in particular has helped Viva Woman turn her hair smoother and calm her frizzy ends.  Read Viva Woman’s blogpost.

Qlabo Collagenerous: Time Travel For Skin In 15 Days


This cream is stated as a good alternative to more invasive procedures. If you don’t want don’t like the idea of a facelift or injections, Qlabo is the way to go! Though it didn’t work for Viva Woman as much as she would’ve liked, citing her already established use of retinol. She says however, “Perhaps it’ll do more justice for someone who hadn’t yet used anything to boost their collagen production topically.” Read Viva Woman’s blogpost.

MVA Luminous Lightening Serum


Marie Veronique is located in the Berkeley, California on Solano Avenue. Marie works with her daughter, Jay Nadeau, who is a physicist and bio-medical engineer, to carefully choose the ingredients of their beauty products. This serum in particular, is supposed to brighten skin, even skin tone, and reduce age spots, as well as other forms of hyper pigmentation. Viva Woman used this in pair with the Retinol Serum, and uses this serum before the retinol. Read Viva Woman’s blogpost.

Marie Veronique Advanced Gentle Retinol Serum


Retinol is known for helping skin cells grow and turnover. According to Sesame, it also helps reduce acne and unclog pores, as well as making them look smaller. She recommends using them only at night however, as it might make users photosensitive. Viva Woman records stunning improvement in her blog, and you can check out the before and after photos there as well! Read Viva Woman’s blogpost.

Derma E Antioxidant Natural Sunscreens For Face & Body


Derma E was founded in 1984 and is a big and trusted brand in the US. It has a reputation of being skin-friendly, earth-friendly, and provides highly effective skincare at affordable prices. Each product from Derma E is apparently formulated by hand by Dr. Linda Miles herself, Co-Founder and Chief Formulator of derma e. Sesame attests, “The wonderful thing about this sunscreen is that I can apply big dollops of the cream and my face doesn’t look greasy.” Read Viva Woman’s blogpost.

Andalou Naturals Beauty Balm

Screen Shot 2015-12-18 at 10.38.06 AM.png

For those obsessed with organic or vegan products,  this sunscreen is the one for you. According to Viva Woman, it is certified organic and non-GMO. This product is a 3 in 1 beauty balm; it hydrates, provides sun protection, diminishes pores and excess oil. Made of Malus Domestica- a Swiss apple extract mixed with an French Burgundy grape extract, this concoction works together to to regenerate and stimulate healthy skin cell production. It can be found on iHerb.com, and exports to 11 countries worldwide. Don’t fret if your country is not on that list, just post up your request on Tompang the World and we will have one of our mules bring it back for you! Read Viva Woman’s blogpost.

Scotch Naturals For Nails


These water-based nail polish from Scotch Naturals Watercolor have also been vetted by Viva Woman. They are safe and eco-friendly option, without ethyl acetate, butyl acetate, nitrocellulose, acetone, and other heavy metals. For those who love vegan products, this is also for you! Read Viva Woman’s blogpost.

Klorane Dry Shampoo


This dry shampoo is actually a product Sesame has been swearing by for five years now, and counting. If you have an oily scalp, read on! This Klorane product absorbs the grease and leaves your hair looking clean. The ingredients also has managed to keep her hair soft. Find out how Sesame uses this product in her article here. Read Viva Woman’s blogpost.

Surya Henna Cream


This Henna Cream is actually a hair color from Brazil. According to Viva Woman, the good thing about it is that it uses plant dyes and gentle hair dyes as opposed to peroxide, ammonia, resorcinol, PPD, heavy metals or parabens. It’s made her hair soft without leaving any unpleasant ammonia scent, and can be bought on iHerb.com. If you’re concerned about your hair drying out when you dye it, you should try this product out! Read Viva Woman’s blogpost.


Remember, anything you see on this list can be requested on our app.

See something you like but it’s not on this list? Let us know 🙂 We can still add it on to our app for you!

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