13 Snacks We Want From Japan!

Have you ever wanted a Japanese snack, but had no way of getting it since you weren’t visiting Japan soon? Sure your country might sell it, but probably at some exorbitant price. Some sell for even twice the price it sells for in Japan! But fret not, with Tompang the World, you can now get any of your Japanese snacks, at prices you are willing to pay! Check out a few to request on our app (with links to download the app at the end of the article).


1. Shiroi Koibito Cookies 


Boxes of these milk chocolate cookie crips were literally flying off the shelves at Narita airport as dozens of transits and travelers made their way to their gates. What are they really? Just some milk chocolate sandwiched between langue de chat cookies. Langue the Chat, or “Cat’s Tongue” cookies have been becoming increasingly popular lately, originating in France.  With its light texture, it easily melts in your mouth and is similar to sugar cookies, though much lighter.

Get yours in Japan for 18 pcs for 1058 yen (~S$13), or through our app at http://www.tompang.com

2. Tokyo Banana Tree – Chocolate Brownie


Do you love brownies? And do you love bananas? Because Tokyo Banana came out with another variation of their Original Tokyo Banana, and it’s called the Tokyo Banana Tree! If you wanted more of that chocolate crunch, this snack is for you! “Enjoy the sweet harmony of chocolate and banana, spreading and melting tenderly in your mouth.” It is currrently selling at Shiok Japan for S$32, but in Japan you get the same 8 pcs for 1000 yen (S$12.3). Find out how much you could save by requesting yours on http://www.tompang.com! I myself am making a trip down this week. Place your request by Jan 22nd, and I’ll be sure to bring one down to Singapore for you at $23/ box!

3. Yoku Moku


Yoku Moku is a light butter cookie, shaped in a cigar. The ironic thing is that it is made of natural ingredients and no preservatives- making it a “healthy cigar” incase any of you young ‘uns like me enjoy pretending to be smoking 😉 It’s available on Amazon for a shocking US$37.50, where the same amount would cost you US$11 at the Narita airport. Make your request on http://www.tompang.com now to get the best deal for your favorite snack! Original prices are 30 pcs for 2000 yen, or 20 pcs for 1350 yen.

4.Tokyo Banana Baumkuchen



This is another sister product of the famous Tokyo Banana. It comes as a moist cake instead, and consists of three layers. There’s the plain banana flavor, the chocolate banana flavor, and finally the chcolate falvor. It is tender, sweet and good to eat!  The 9 piece pack is selling on Amazon for US$44, but at the Narita Airport for 1000 yen or US$8.53. At Shiok Japan, it is selling for S$34.  Make your request on http://www.tompang.com and you might be able to get it at a fraction of Amazon’s cost!

5. Tokyo Kokuto Hiyoko


Japan has always excelled in presentation. And this chick-shaped snack is probably one of the cutest of them all. Originally invented in Kyushu in 1912, its filing is made of Japanese traditional brown sugar, and leaves a sweet and smooth after taste. A thin, soft pastry shell wraps the sweet lima bean paste whose consistency is similar to egg yolk. Simple and delicious. Heavenly, coupled with a hot tea.

12 pcs mix set sells for 1210 yen.

6. Kit Kat Sakura Matcha


This cherry blossom and green tea mix is described as “very rare” on Amazon, so cop a few or a  large box while you can in Japan! No doubt my personal favorite, this one tiny box with 3 pcs sells for ~US$10 on Amazon, but for ~US$13, you can get 7 of these smaller boxes in one big packaged box! For a whole large box at 30 pcs, it is only 1500 yen. Get it through http://www.tompang.com at a steal!

7. The Strawberry Cake from Ginza


This is another sister product of Tokyo Banana. With the craze and the product expansion, everyone is getting more and more addicted! This particular cake however, comes in a small and round shape, with a small strawberry imprint on the cake. How cute! The filling is partly Tokyo Banana custard, and part strawberry, another heavenly concoction. Sour and sweet, this mix is not as sweet as the regular Tokyo Banana, but just as yummy! 8 pieces cost about 1000 yen, request for it on http://www.tompang.com

8. Tokyo Campanella


Slowly becoming the new favorite Tokyo souvenir,  this three layer crisp is winning the hearts of both locals and foreigners. “Campanella” comes from the Italian word “Bell” . According to the company, “The light texture of the confections will fill your mouth and
resonate like the sound of bells. ” It is tender, crispy, and made with high-class French cocoa. And the box looks a lot like a Tiffany box lol Sounds enticing? Request for yours on http://www.tompang.com! 30 pieces come at about 3150 yen.


9. Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory- Salt and Camembert Cookies


Incredible. Unbelievably good.  These are definitely one of the best cookies to get. With the white cheese slices just melting away in your mouth. These cookies are made with Hokkaido milk and French Guerande salt, with camembert cheese and chocolate filling in between. Selling at Narita airport at 1400 yen for 20 pcs, or on Amazon for US$32, take your guess where the best deal is.

10. Tokyo Banana


Tokyo Banana is the classic snack that everyone already knows to get. Do we need to really need to say more? It sells on Amazon for US$58, but get the 16 piece at Narita airport- and you could catch a steal for 2057 yen, or US$17.7 (S$25.5). Not flying to japan anytime soon? Make your request on http://www.tompang.com and you can still get a steal 😉

11. Royce Potato Chip Chocolate Original


Self described as “the eye-opening combination of salty potato chips with chocolate, creating perfect harmony”there is no doubt that I agree. Whoever came up with this mix of sweet, salty, crunchy, creamy, buttery snack is a genius. It satisfies all cravings at once as is  currently for sale on Amazon for ~US$20. However as it sells instead at Narita for 720 yen, or US$6 (S$9), request on Tompang the World to save some $.

12. Nama Chocolate “Maccha”


This white “Nama chocolate” has the aroma and bitterness of green tea, and is made by blending powdered premium green tea leaves and  green tea flavored chocolate powder. It contains some liquor- but that’s not the thing you should be worried about. These decadent squares will melt and disappear into your mouth before you even know what happened. If you’re terrible at self control, you probably shouldn’t get it 😛 But at 20 pcs for 720 yen, why not?!

13. LeTAO Formage Double


They were handing out free samples of this cake and I shamelessly took three samples before my inner gym coach came out to lecture me. Dangerous to eat on your own, but if you’re bringing it to share with friends and family, it’s such a delight that your guests, as well as angels, will be praising your name for weeks. It can only be kept for a short period of time, so eat it as soon as you can! The signature double-layered cheesecake combines a velvety-soft unbaked cheesecake layer and a rich, luscious baked cheesecake layer. Perfect for an afternoon tea snack.



Links to download & start making your requests:

iOS: https://goo.gl/1DAuAC
Android: https://goo.gl/LHNvZ3




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