5 Crazy Things I Can Do With Tompang the World

Tompang the World is an app that connects requests to travelers, bringing you overseas products sometimes at a fraction of the cost. You might have read how you can get all these foreign products with Tompang the World

However, with it being a request and fulfill app, there are a few things out of it’s regular scope the app can also be used for.

1. Queue in line for Ba Kwa during Chinese New Year

For vendors such as Lim Chee Guan, the lines for these Ba Kwa stalls can stand over two hours long, especially during festive seasons such as Chinese New Year. Known as the better stalls around town, with tender and flavorful texture, it’s no wonder that these traditional treats come at such a cost. But for those who don’t have time to stand two hours in line? What option is there in order to get to devour these delicious square bits? If you don’t have the time to stand in line to get these pieces, why not pay someone to do it for you?

Enter Tompang the World. Just post a request up, with an image of the Ba Kwa you want with a description, place a deposit, and wait for an offer from someone to do it for you! They’ll offer a price for their service, and from there you can reject with reason, which provides grounds for negotiation. That way both sides win, and you get to eat your tasty Ba Kwa.

2. Write/ Edit Papers

Have you ever been swamped with 12 essays, 4 exams, and 3 group projects, with not enough time to complete everything? Now you can get some help, whether its finding  someone to help you edit your essay, finding study partners, or even finding tutors- you can search for help through this app! The app also has a function that allows rating of people’s services. If you found someone to be an excellent (or bad) tutor, voice your opinion! This way you can also rely on other people’s reviews.

3. Food pick up + delivery

It’s a rainy night, you are sick alone in bed, and there is no one home to care for you. You are too tired to cook, and don’t feel like venturing out into the cold, wet night to get yourself your favorite chicken rice or CKT.  Luckily for you, you can post a request up, for someone to get and deliver to you your favorite meal. This way, you won’t have to leave your cozy abode! You might even risk getting more sick by heading out, or worse, spreading a potential virus. So just sit back, relax, and request on this app do have any or all of your errands done for you at the tap of a finger.

4. Help cleaning or cooking (maid service)

Live in maids can cost as little as $450 a month, though some might pay more depending on level of experience.  But for those who don’t need a full time maid, it can sure be helpful to have a helping hand around the house! Especially if you’ve just had guests over, and need someone to help pick up the place and wash the dishes. If you’re planning a party as well, it would be nice to have someone help with the cooking and attending to guests. With our app, you can request for a maid who cooks, or cleans, or anything to your liking!

5. Search to buy in bulk for discount


Have you ever wanted to get something, and realized that actually, if you purchase it in bulk, you’d get a discount? For example, this weekend’s Laneway festival is selling for $180 per ticket. However, if you buy in a group of 6 for $999, each person would only have to pay $166.5, meaning savings of $13.5! I could buy 1 Nutella Hazelnut 750G spread and 1 Nutella & Go box with this $13.5. With this app, you can request for people to make a purchase with you, and for them to put down the deposit before you make the final purchase.


Those are some creative ways you can use a “request” and “fulfill” app like ours! If you have any other crazy ideas, let us know! We would be happy to add them to the list and let our readers know what you have thought of 🙂


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